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/* config-locations.php
 * This tries to magically set the paths for your installed
 * guestbooks.  To add a new guestbook: run the provided install script
 * /usr/sbin/install-achims-guestbook then add to the confs hash the
 * name of your website, the web path to the guestbook directory if
 * needed (if you've installed the guestbook under multiple web directories
 * on the same website) and the filesystem directory that the guestbook is
 * installed in.

    # if you've installed multiple guestbooks on the same website
    $CONFS["www.site.name.net"]["/foo"] = "/guestbook/installation/directory";

    # if you've installed one guestbook on your website
    $CONFS["www.site.name2.net"] = "/guestbook/installation/directory";

    /* Don't mess with this */
    $SN = strtolower($_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]);
    $URI = preg_split("/admin/", $URI);
    $URI = $URI[0];
    if (array_key_exists($SN, $CONFS)) {
        if (is_array($CONFS[$SN]) && array_key_exists($URI, $CONFS[$SN])) {
            define("GB_DIR", $CONFS[$SN][$URI]);
        } else {
            define("GB_DIR", $CONFS[$SN]);


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